Find your own lion alongside the official lion. Finland’s lion has as many expressions as a Finn.

Finland is a wonderful country and its people are proud of their nationality, their independence and their lion. We asked Finns to create new lions alongside the official lion. Not as a substitute for anything, but to bring joy and a sense of belonging to everyone.

What almost all the suggestions had in common was that the creators wanted to express some deeper meaning besides patriotism, such as tolerance, caring or playfulness. Many of the lions are easy to identify with and you can see how the message they convey makes Finland a better country to be and live in.

We received a lot of suggestions, from which we cut out the ones provoking hatred or violating intellectual property rights. Finally we decided to introduce about 300 new lions, created by both children and older people, amateurs and design professionals. We did not want to vote for the hundred best ones – it turned out to be impossible to put them in any particular order.

During this spring we will contact some of the lion designers to discuss whether we can draw up a contract to turn their creations into selling products.

We wish Finland all the best for the next 100 years. Let’s enjoy the many faces of Finnish culture!

Here are Finland’s over 100 new lions!

We got a lot of great lions and there are only a few that we did not publish. This site will not show creations, which ridicule the lion and our fatherland, or which violate the copyrights of others.

Originally, we intended to publish the 100 ”best” ones. But how do you choose the best 100 lions? You cannot do that, when you are looking at views of a happier patriotism and what the lion as a symbol of Finnish culture means to people. Finally we decided to publish all of the about 300 lions, grouped into six different categories: future promise lions (children and adolescents), graphic lions, symbolic lions, opinionated lions, naivistic lions and others.

In addition, the most liked category shows the lions that got the most votes.

Give your voice to the lion creation that speaks to you. Click on the heart and you can also take part in the lottery of Punkka duvet cover sets. In the beginning of June, 10 lucky ones will win the sets, and we will inform the winners personally.

The future promise lions are different interpretations of the lion, designed by children and adolescents.

In graphic lions, the creators have worked on the subject with a large variety of techniques. The common denominator is that the creators have focused on the visual image, without giving the lion new, deeper meanings.

The symbolic lions are lions featuring symbolic elements. The interpretations contain elements of nature and the Finnish national symbolism.

Opinionated lions feature added meanings to the lion, flagging for new, more tolerant values.

Naivistic expression lies deep in the Finnish soul landscape. Many of the creators have given their lion a lighter, often quite elegant look through naivistic expression.

Other lions represent the kind of expressions, which do not quite fit in any of the categories, and do not share any identifiable style either. This obviously does not make the group any less valuable.